Muscle Relief Roller - Neck, Arm and Leg

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The perfect muscle relaxer massage Roller for daily relief and post workout.
  • It wraps around neck, arm and leg where regular massage roller can't reach.
  • Restores sore, tight muscles, prevents Knots, and releases tension.

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    Muscle Relief Roller - Wrap Around Neck, Arm and Leg | CrazyBee
    Relax Out Every Corner of Your Body
    Our muscle roller is essential for your whole body; from foot, leg, thigh, IT bands, quad, hamstring, glute, and hip to shoulder, arm, neck, head, and back. This CrazyBee Muscle Roller rehabilitates and restores sore, tight muscles, prevents Knots, and releases tension. It also enhances your blood circulation and promotes flexibility & mobility.

    • Wrap around your muscle string, no missing corner
    • Reach Every Group Of Your Muscle
    • Suitable for All Physical Activities
    • CrazyBee Muscle Roller is Built to Last
    Product Overview
    CrazyBee Muscle Relief Roller is useful in relieving workout pain in your muscles. Our easy-to-carry equipment is suggested by many therapists, trainers, and chiropractors. There are millions of people (males, females, youngsters & adults) who use it after physical exercise. You can also buy our CrazyBee Muscle Relief Roller to change your workout style in the right way!
    How to Use It
    This portable muscle roller is the equipment used before and after exercises, workouts, and any other physical activity. Our product prevents any injury from muscle tension and may help secrete lactic acid buildup for your instant recovery. It's a perfect tool that you must have at any cost. CrazyBee Muscle Roller is available at a highly reasonable price, you can easily afford it.
    How It Works
    The working principle is not that it must hard to understand. Our muscle roller is different from typical rollers that can be difficult to utilize. This handy portable tool may easily fit into most kit bags. Using it, you may control the pressure that is applied to the pain area, depending on your pain endurance.

    It may fit every part of your body and you may take it with you in your house, workout class, and outdoor sports, whether it includes running, or even climbing.
    Size: 4.7" x 2.1" x 10.0"
    Color: Grey and Pink
    Weight: 1.3 lbs
    Material: PP(Polypropylene)