Frizz Defender Ionic Hot Air Brush Styler

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  • Dry and restyle your hair within 5mins!
  • Enjoy smooth frizzless hair with ceramic ionic technology.
  • Saves money & save time each morning.

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    Hot Air Brush Styler-Ceramic Ionic Protection | CrazyBee
    Heated Hair Straightening Brush For Quick & Easy Results in every time
    Whether you need a quick blow dry, a fast way to restyle your hair in the morning or just need a convenient, easy to use tool that won’t disappoint, then the Hot Air Brush Styler will be your best friend. Indulge in soft, silky hair in an instant.

    • 5 Minutes Styling
    • Frizz-Free with silky Touch
    • Damage-Free with Ionic Anion technology
    Hot Air Brush Styler-Ceramic Ionic Protection | CrazyBee
    Hot Air Brush Styler-Ceramic Ionic Protection | CrazyBee
    Product Overview
    Forget about hair tools that are difficult to use and damage your hair. The Hot Air Brush Styler gets it every time is the solution you are looking for.  A 2-in-1 heated hairbrush that effortlessly dries, straightens, and styles all hair types quickly, leaving a smooth and healthy look.

    See your short, medium, or long hair transformed with this effective yet sleek blow dryer.
    How to Use It
    After washing, just comb your hair, as usual, using the Hot Air Brush Styler for only 3 minutes for short hair and 5 minutes for longer hair. As easy as that, you’ll have a beautiful blow-dried, smoothed and straightened hairstyle in no time.

    Choose one of the 3 different settings to create your signature effortless waves or any other look you prefer.
    How it Works
    Negative ions cancel out harmful positive static charges, removing any un-wanted frizz. Ions diffuse water molecules into micro-fine particles to protect your hair and reduce heat. The Ionic technology works hard for your precious locks and its ergonomic, minimal design turns a time-consuming task into an easy, quick, and fun daily experience that saves you time and prevents your hair from damage.
    Size: 17inc x 6inch x 5inch
    Color: Pink and White
    Weight: 1.5 lbs kg
    Power: 110V/1000W
    Setting: Cold/Low/High
    **Results can vary.