Micro-current Sculpting Face Roller

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  • See immediate results on de-puff and up-lift on your face and neck.
  • Face sculpting, toning, and refining face shape at home.
  • Solar energy micro-current technology.

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    Handheld Microcurrent Facial Roller | CrazyBee
    Up-Lift and Toning
    This tool is perfect for those who want to stop father time and mother nature combining. The mid-size rollers replicate deep kneading techniques to help refine, firm, and tone the skin’s appearance while releasing muscle tension causing visible lines and puffiness.

    • Improves delicate skin
    • Lifts and tones the face
    • De-puff the skin and refine face shape.
    • Waterproof, safe to use in the shower
    Handheld Microcurrent Facial Roller | CrazyBee
    Handheld Microcurrent Facial Roller | CrazyBee
    Handheld Microcurrent Facial Roller | CrazyBee
    Product Overview
    This handheld microcurrent face roller is designed to lift and firm every angle on your face, neck, and decolletage. The solar panel embedded handle generates a strong, soothing microcurrent that helps with smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, improving the loss of elasticity, and removing puffiness from the skin. Ideal for all skin types, it is the perfect face anti-aging tool to revive stressed skin.
    How to Use It
    Hold the handle of the roller exposing the solar panel. Start to roll the targeted area in back and forth motions along the lines of your face. In outward directions, adjust the tension of the roller by changing the angle that you are holding the device. As you push the roller forward, lower the body of the device allowing it to gently pull the skin. Life the body if you feel the pull is too much. Continue doing this on the entire face and neck.
    How It Works
    Microcurrent facial roller works to fit all the contours and angles of your face and neck. The compact size allows for it to fit into the hand to easily roll on top of your skin and also replicate a kneading effect of a professional skin tightening treatment. The solar panel on the handle can transfer natural and artificial light into microcurrents to energy to subtly boost circulation and firmness of the skin. When rolling these platinum-coated micro-rollers under the contours of the face, it will visibly reduce puffiness, pull the skin outward, and give the appearance of a more angular and contoured face.
    Size: 6.5 inch x 3.1 inch x 2.6 inch
    Color: Silver
    Weight: 5.99 oz
    Material: ABS and Solar Panel
    **Results can vary.