Cordless Portable Blender

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Personal sized portable blender, cordless with drinkable lid.
  • The battery can be charged by USB anywhere.
  • Super lightweight, make fresh smoothie anywhere and maximize nutrition.

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    Portable Blender - Cordless Personal Size | CrazyBee
    The Best Portable Blender Ever
    Our Portable blender is easy to use and dishwasher safe. Some portable mixers will still need customers to plug into a power source while some are battery-operated. You must be sure to buy our model that perfectly fits your particular needs.

    • Rechargeable battery and universal USB cords can be charged anywhere.
    • Portable & Multi-functional
    • Food Container Level Material: safe to contain foods for a long time.
    Portable Blender - Cordless Personal Size | CrazyBee
    Product Overview
    When searching for the perfect personal sized portable blender, you must ensure that you're selecting one that is lightweight enough to move anywhere without any issue.

    Our CrazyBee Portable Blender is one of those popular appliances that make your life worth living due to its amazing features. One of its remarkable features is it includes built-in rechargeable lithium batteries. So, should buy it if you think you need our product!

    Bring and use it anywhere you want!
    How to Use It
    Our Portable blender comes with USB chargers and includes a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. You can charge it anywhere, include your portable battery (the one for your phone), wall power, and even laptop power.

    You may be able to make your favorite smoothie after your office meeting and jogging. You can also make a protein shake through our portable blender after an intense workout session.
    How It Works
    CrazyBee portable blender is incredibly crucial for all of us to make smoothies, instant workout protein shakes and fresh fruit juices (oranges, apples, and any seasonal fruit), etc. it has remarkable strength to crush ice cubes. Still, our customers must be sure to keep vegetable and fruit pieces to smaller than 2-inches.
    Size: 3.1 inch x 7.8 inch
    Volume: 13.6 OZ
    Color: White and Pink
    Weight: 14.1 oz
    Power: 220V/200W
    RPM: 12000RPM