Portable Soft Tap Night Light - Bunny

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    Bunny Portable Soft Tap Night Light: Safe & Soft|  CrazyBee
    Soft, Smart, Portable
    Fed up with night lamps that are unsafe to use near babies or children? Searching for the best kids night light with safe, practical, and beautiful decorative characteristics? Your search is over! The Soft Bunny Night Light features:

    • The Soft Touch: made by food level soft silicone, safe for the family
    • Portable: 6 hours of battery light without charging
    • Easy to Use: auto-off and tap to switch feature 
    • Bunny Design
    Bunny Portable Soft Tap Night Light: Safe & Soft|  CrazyBee
    Product Overview
    Always needed a great portable night light for the nursery room that will be practical yet super cute? The Soft Bunny Night Light is here to make your life easier and your kids & babies live way snuggest. A non-toxic silicone night light, super soft to the touch, and extremely easy to use; a simple tap is all you need to switch it on and off.  
    How to Use It
    The Soft Bunny Night Light is the easiest and safest light for every nursery or children’s bedroom. You just touch it and it goes on and off, plus its soft material made from trusty non-toxic silicone makes it the best night light for any kids' space. The sweet bunny shape adds to the cuteness.
    How it Works
    With a battery life that can run up to 6 hours without being plugged in and only 2-hour duration to be fully charged through USB, as well as the super-easy way to turn it on & off just by tapping it, makes it the perfect choice for your little ones.  
    Size: 4.6inch x 3.4inch x 3.4inch
    Color: Cloud Blue
    Weight: 3.4oz
    Working Hour: 3-6h
    Material: Environmental Silicone