Ukulele 10 Pieces Food Slicer Grater

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Ukulele 10 Pieces food Slicer Grater and Peeler | CrazyBee
Delight Your Kitchen
Get ready to be amazed with the functionality of the Ukulele Food Shredder & Slicer. An all in one shredding tool that prepares food easily, safely and accurately without the need of any other tool. It has them all!

  • All-in-One: 7 different blades, a salad basket and a finger protecting handle.
  • Quick & Easy: Built-in leaking basket keeps you away from the kitchen mess.
Ukulele 10 Pieces food Slicer Grater and Peeler | CrazyBee
Product Overview
Bored having too many food shredding and slicing tools in your kitchen but none of them working properly? Ukulele Food Shredder is the ultimate solution for you. An all-in-one shredding & slicing tool featuring 7 different shredding blades, a finger protecting handle for difficult to hold foods plus a salad basket.
How to Use It
The process is as easy as that: choose your favorite vegetables, fruits or cheeses and the way you want them sliced with the help of one of the 7 different blades. Use the sturdy handle to work quicker and the finger protecting handle if you need to. Your freshly sliced veggies are now in the salad basket ready to eat!
How It Works
By holding the handle, move the food of your choice back and forth on any blade of your preference and see it perfectly shredded in minutes. If you need a different cutting style, just switch the blade and clip another on. For added protection, use the finger protecting handle while using slippery foods.
Size: 6.8" X 3.6" X 13"
Color: Prussian blue, Salmon Pink, Soft Blue
Weight: 21 oz
Composition: 7 different blades,built-in leaking basket, planer tool, and protector